Why Work in The Tourism Industry? 

Why work in the tourism industry

When looking to start a career, two of the most important questions we ask ourselves are “will I enjoy working in this industry?” and “will I be earning enough to support the standard of life I desire?” While a great many fields offer a choice between high pay and constantly intriguing and interesting work that offers personal growth opportunities, one in particular has stood out as offering both. It is a field that at this very moment is growing and expanding. That field is tourism. 


One of the greatest things about tourism is that it offers a chance to move up in the world like few other industries that exists today. If you find that you have a natural knack for helping people, being friendly, entertaining, and giving people what they want, it is easy to climb the rungs of the tourism ladder in a very short amount of time. Leaders in the tourism industry know a valuable employee when they see one and are more than willing to reward them for their efforts.


What’s more, jobs in tourism often offer a chance to travel and see the world. While your job itself might be local or abroad, many tourism-based institutions like hotels offer huge discounts on their own services to employees, meaning that you will have a chance to get around in a style and comfort that you might not otherwise be able to afford. If you have always dreamed of travelling, a job in the tourism industry is the fast track to achieving that dream.


Tourism also offers opportunities for making friends and building professional relationships like no other. Working in tourism you will likely meet people from all over the world with different backgrounds and different opinions who will help you better yourself on a level that you never might have imagined. Being in contact with people from different cultures and backgrounds is proven to open our minds and make us more sympathetic people.


Tourism openings range from entry level to advanced/specialized. That means that no matter how much or how little experience you have right now, the tourism industry has a job waiting that will suit you perfectly. If the lowest-level jobs don’t suit your fancy, but you still want an in on the industry, don’t worry. As we mentioned before, upward mobility is one of the most renowned features of work in tourism. This is one field where the concept of a dead-end job is almost unheard of!


Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the tourism industry is growing. All over the world, hotels and other tourist services are opening at an unprecedented speed, and looking for people like you to run them! If you are thinking of getting a job in the tourism industry, why wait? Start your search for the job of your dreams today. WeHoteliers is a highly useful resource for anyone hoping to work in the Arabian Gulf, in culturally rich and historically fascinating countries such as Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and more.

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