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Why do Hotels Succeed or Fail?
15th May, 2018 / Articles

If you are currently looking for a hotel management job, then it is important to chose your potential employers wisely. Opting for a hotel where you will be poised to succeed is clearly a smart career move, after all. Here are three of the most important factors to pay attention to:

#1: Location

Some hotels are uniquely (and literally) positioned for success. Here are just a few examples of how location can influence success:

Demand Centers. When people travel to a new city with one particular destination in mind, they tend to stay as close to that destination as possible. Popular destinations, known as demand centers, are good news for nearby hotels, therefore. A few good examples of demand centers in the city of Dubai, for example, include the Dubai Mall, the Grand Mosque, and any of the city’s beautiful and popular beaches.

Neighborhood. Apart from proximity to demand centers, the general character of the neighborhood matters quite a bit, as well. As you can imagine, people tend to favor areas that feature ample amenities, diverse dining and entertainment options, and sightseeing destinations.

Accessibility. Hotels located close to major highways, near airports and bus terminals, and/or in the city center tend to get more visitors simply because of logistics.


#2: Value

Upscale hotels and economical lodgings alike can be successful -- it's all a matter of value. Here’s what that means:

Relative Pricing. Can your hotel compete with the prices in nearby establishments? If not, then convincing guests to chose your business may be tricky.

Unique Experiences. The major exception to the previously mentioned rule, of course, lies in hotels that charge more because they offer a unique experience. Staying a night at the Burj Al Arab, for example, will set you back thousands -- but then again, this iconic landmark is considered to be the most luxurious hotel in the world. Though not every hotel can offer this class of luxury, it goes to show that people will dish out extra money for extra service.


#3: Management

Last but not least, success or failure oftentimes rides on the shoulders of the hotel manager and the decisions that they make. Three especially crucial factors include:

Responsiveness. Flexibility is crucial in the hotel industry. Preparing for seasonal fluctuations, adjusting prices intelligently based upon market factors, and responding to customer demands quickly and effectively are all musts.

Staffing. Hiring employees who are multi-talented and poised to grow with the business goes a long way toward promoting success. After all, service is the heart of hospitality. Thankfully, hiring top-notch talent in the UAE and the greater gulf region is now easier than ever thanks to

Marketing. Hotel marketing is all about communication. Developing a personalized, multi-channel marketing campaign can be far more effective than expensive traditional ad campaigns, which is good news for small hotel managers and anyone who is social media savvy! That is not to say hotel marketing is simple, of course -- in fact, hospitality students oftentimes spend significant time studying this crucial aspect of management.

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