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Why Apply For Hospitality Jobs In The UAE
19th Nov, 2018 / Articles

7 Rewards of Building a Stellar Hospitality Career

Greeting everyone you meet with a big smile on your face and catering to every guest’s whims may not seem like something you will want to have for a career. However, working in a hotel, cruise ship, or in any job in the service and tourism industry can actually be quite fun, exciting, and even rewarding in more ways than one.

If you’re interested in applying for one of the most sought-after hospitality jobs in the UAE but you’re still not sure you will be making the right career move, here are seven reasons why you should take the plunge now:

  1. You will be paid well

There is a popular myth that workers in the hospitality industry receive unreasonably low salaries. Although there is some truth to this misconception since the salary offers of hotels and other companies in the hospitality industry vary, the pay will always be higher as the position gets higher.

Front office managers, executive housekeepers, restaurant managers, hotel service supervisors, and event coordinators are some of the better compensated employees in the hospitality industry.

In the UAE, for instance, a research found out that front office managers here are paid 6,000 to 8,000 AED per month. Executive housekeepers, on the other hand, typically receive 10,000 to 12,000 AED monthly.

As long as you continue climbing the ladder of success in the hospitality industry, you can expect a financially rewarding career in this field.

  1. You will get regular tips and bonuses

In addition to getting a monthly or bi-monthly salary, you get some extra money from the tips guests and customers leave.

Generally, tips can go as high as 20% of a customer’s purchase. Some hotels and restaurants also include service fees into the bills which go directly to employees.

Hotel managers and staff are often rewarded with bonuses as well if they meet goals in areas such as customer satisfaction and annual revenue.

With the additional tips and bonuses, your take-home pay every month will be higher.

  1. You will enjoy lots of freebies

Many advertised Dubai hotel jobs for foreign workers come with a variety of perks which include:

  • Free accommodation

  • Free transportation (accommodation to the hotel and vice versa)

  • Free hotel meals

  • Discounted meals at in-house restaurants

Managers and supervisors also have access to more freebies.

Another perk people working in hotels and tourism agencies will have access to include discounts on airfares, hotel rooms, and certain in-house services such as massage and spa treatments.

  1. You will have more opportunities to experience career growth

If you have always been dissatisfied with the pace of your career advancement, you will have more opportunities and have a faster time building your career once you join the hospitality industry.

Hotels and other service and tourism companies are always open to promoting employees from within. They implement this strategy as a way to reward deserving and qualified employees. It is also an effective way of increasing staff loyalty.  

In addition, working in the hospitality industry will give you access to a wealth of possibilities and endless new contacts. By meeting new people, you will have more opportunities to widen your network and possibly, even your career prospects locally and overseas.

  1. You will enjoy job security

Even in shaky economic conditions, hotels, restaurants, cruises, and other businesses in the food and beverage, service, and tourism industry continue to have guests and customers. As such, these companies will always need employees to help them meet the demands of their business.

Additionally, it is worthwhile knowing that hospitality jobs are immune to the onset of AI and automation. Although certain tasks can be aided by technology like bar software and virtual reality, the heart of hospitality will always remain to be customer interaction.

Because of this, hotels and service and tourism companies will always need actual people to interact and engage with their guests and patrons.

  1. You will be able to work anywhere

Once you have established a career in the hospitality industry, the world will be your oyster. You will be able to apply for and find work in any part of the world since hotels, restaurants, and other service and tourism companies are virtually everywhere today.

Moreover, large international hotel chains usually offer management staff the chance to transfer to other locations. They will get to travel and enjoy temporary and permanent assignments for free.

Aside from having the opportunity to earn higher pay and experience career advancement, you will get to travel and explore another country. You will discover new cultures, acquire more skills and knowledge, and make more friends.

  1. You will be given opportunities to express your creativity

Finally, working in the field of hospitality means constantly creating new products. These can include producing new dishes, beverages, or experiences to attract and get more customers and to keep their patronage.  

In addition, a study says that people who do not follow the standard working nine to five cycle tend to be more open-minded. Since hospitality workers have flexible working schedules, they are more likely to be creative thinkers which can help them succeed more in their career.

Working in the hospitality industry will allow you to experience the above perks and even more.

If all these sound tempting to you, take a look at our career opportunities and find out which jobs you can apply for.

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