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Top Strategies for Success in Hotel Management
5th Jun, 2018 / Articles

There is never a dull day in the world of hotel management -- which tends to be, simultaneously, both the most challenging and the most rewarding aspect of this career. For those who love meeting new people, learning new skills, and enjoying the sense of accomplishment of knowing that your everyday work keeps an establishment running smoothly, hotel management can be a dream career.

If you are pursuing a career in hotel management, then the following tips can help you achieve greater success, offering new career opportunities and increasing your odds of winning promotions, raises, and recognition.

1. Choose Your Team Wisely.

Depending on the size and management style of the hotel where you are working, the amount of control that you enjoy over staffing issues can vary tremendously. Some hotel managers, especially at smaller establishments, may be placed in charge of hiring and other HR decisions. Even at larger and more rigidly structured organizations, however, you will at least have a voice -- and any well-run hotel is going to take their managers opinions into account. This guide from offers some interesting perspectives on hiring and recruiting, (which can be just as useful for those looking to get hired as it can for managers looking to hire!) Of course, we might be rather biased, but we also consider We Hoteliers to be one of the best resources for anyone looking to recruit in the hotel industry -- in addition to our job board for employers in the UAE and the broader gulf region, we also offer industry news, an active online hotelier community, and much more.

2. Cultivate Communication.

Your ability to respond to feedback in a timely manner is crucial for your success -- which is why cultivating active listening skills, and promoting an environment of open and effective communication are musts. This recent We Hoteliers blog article, which covers the basics of communication skills in the hotel industry, is a good resource for those looking to learn more.

3. Be a Lifelong Learner.

Whether you plan on furthering your studies at a world-class hotel management school such as the Ecole hoteliere de Lausanne, or simply honing your skills in the kitchen and practicing a new language on your spare time, every bit of knowledge and every new skill that you can master will help you in your day-to-day job and in the broader course of your career.

4. Seek New Opportunities.

Career opportunities, like chance to learn, come in all shapes and sizes. For some, this could entail a move as dramatic as changing employers or even traveling to pursue new professional opportunities in foreign countries such as the UAE.

5. The Guest is Always Right.

Though it may be a bit of a cliche, this old saying truly is worth remembering. There are bound to be moments when staff is overwhelmed, when emotions and frustration run loose, and when helping your guests get what they want can seem virtually impossible. In these moments, it is important to slow down and consider the fact that guest satisfaction is one of the most important driving factors in the success or failure of your establishment.

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