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Top Criteria For Choosing The Best Hotels In Dubai
2nd Oct, 2018 / Articles

Dubai is a world-class city offering some of the best hotels that provide exceptional experiences for all guests.

But what exactly makes a hotel distinct from others? How can job applicants in the hospitality sector gauge a hotel’s standards for quality and excellence and find the best Dubai hotel jobs for them? How can customers compare these different hotels?

Varied Ranking Systems

Judging the merits of a hotel in Dubai or anywhere else boils down to customer (guest) satisfaction. The collective personal experiences of individual guests are the ultimate basis for the distinction of a hotel.

However, from the point of view of potential customers who are still searching for hotels to book, the main basis is usually the official rankings of hotels.

Aside from online customer-based reviews, ratings, and price comparisons, the official rankings of hotels are a very important factor of distinction. 

Many factors are considered when it comes to ranking a hotel, and different schemes such as the star ranking system and Green Key system are used by different organizations. The specific criteria may vary from one organization to another, and different countries also have their own standards.

Basic Criteria: What Makes a Hotel Great?

Although there is no current unified international ranking system, the general criteria for ranking may include architectural and interior designs, environmental sustainability, amenities such as in-house spas or gym membership, physical facilities such as swimming pools and Jacuzzis, accessibility from/to the airport and other urban conveniences, natural views or ambience, and the quality of service.

1. Impressive Architectural and Interior Design

Tourist inns and motels are usually at the lower ranks because their architectural and interior designs are barely distinct. While they are functional, not much attention is paid to aesthetics. On the other hand, luxury hotels are designed to look like palaces fit for kings.

Many hotels in Dubai have ultra-modern architectural concepts that make them unique in the world. The Burj Al Arab hotel, for instance, is shaped like a sail. The Raffles Hotel Dubai, on the other hand, combines ancient concepts with modern designs with its pyramid shape.

2. Environmental Sustainability

More organizations are now adopting “green” standards for hotels. However, many older luxury hotels do not prioritize environmental sustainability. This is a relatively new concept for high-end hotels, but is becoming more common for modern first-class hotels that seek to save on resources like water.

In Dubai, for instance, where water is a relatively scarce resource, many modern hotels have efficient water recycling facilities. The Green Key standards are alternative hotel rankings that emphasize energy efficiency and resource conservation.

3. Extra-Value Amenities

Additional features that go beyond the basic hotel comforts, like spas and gyms, are amenities that may differ from one hotel to another, depending on the rank classification. A hotel can distinguish itself based on its unique amenities and special services. Most luxury hotels in Dubai offer laundry services and even dog walking, for example.

4. Quality Customer Service

No hotel will function without the human element. All other features are only secondary to the quality of service provided by the staff. Hotel clients seek out the best hotel services as their primary criterion for booking and rebooking. Guests who feel pampered by the staff and happy with their stay are more likely to return and to spread the word.

Star-Based Ranking

Most hotels are assessed using the star ranking system, which actually has varying criteria but comparable standards. The ranking range is typically from one-star to five-star hotels, but some organizations also use more than five stars.

The Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, for instance, is popularly known as a seven-star hotel because of the butler services it provides for every room. The level of service in this hotel is fit for royalty and heads of state. Nonetheless, the management of the hotel does not encourage the use of the seven-star status in their advertisements. The label originated from a British journalist who booked a room in the hotel during a press trip.

Here are some of the general characteristics of hotels that determine their respective star rankings:

● 1-Star Hotels

Hotels that have a one-star ranking are generally classified as tourist inns with at least a bathroom per room, which may or may not have a bathtub. Rooms are also cleaned daily. The basic amenities include a colored TV, table and chair, public telephone and extended breakfast.

● 2-Star Hotels

Two-star hotels are classified as standard hotels with all the basic amenities plus a breakfast buffet. These hotels also offer linen sheets and complimentary sanitary products.

● 3-Star Hotels

A three-star hotel has all the amenities of a two-star hotel plus additional comfort features. These include at least 14-hour reception and 24-hour room service that can be accessed by phone inside the room. Internet access is also provided either in the room or at the lobby of the hotel. Some hotels of this rank offer complimentary beverages per room. Heating facilities and a hairdryer in the bathroom are also standard.

● 4-Star Hotels

These hotels are classified as first-class hotels, with all the amenities of three-star hotels plus better service and aesthetics. Hotels under this classification offer a sumptuous breakfast buffet or room breakfast. They also have mini bars and bar service accessible 24 hours via room service. Complimentary cosmetic products are provided in the bathroom. These hotels typically have bathtubs.

● 5-Star Hotels

Because of higher standards, fewer hotels are classified as five-star hotels. These are categorized as luxury hotels with all the amenities of first class hotels and more. The reception is open 24 hours and this includes concierge and valet parking services. Internet and PCs are provided per room. They also offer ironing and laundry washing services.

The Bottom Line

Despite the various criteria that determine the ranking, and thereby the business viability, of hotels, these are primarily dependent on the quality of service provided. Hotels cannot run on their own without personnel. It remains a people-oriented business that requires highly qualified staff.

Whether you are a guest or a hotel owner, you will always want to have qualified employees running the hotel.

The hospitality sector in Dubai is among the most competitive in the world. If you have dreams of being recognized as the owner of one of the best hotels in Dubai someday, then you will need the competitive edge brought about by the quality of service provided by exceptional staff.

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