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Smart Career Moves Everyone Should Consider
13th Mar, 2018 / News

Every career is different — and, to be certain, each and every person has their own set of personal and professional goals to consider. That being said, there are a few basic strategies for career advancement are almost universally applicable. In this article, we will take a quick look at five smart career moves that everyone should consider, and we will discuss how these concepts apply specifically to hospitality careers.

Invest in your Education.

Multiple studies have shown that people who complete a college degree can expect to earn substantially more than their high school educated counterparts. And the benefits go far beyond financial considerations: a degree will allow you to find work that is more rewarding, it will give you more professional options are career paths to consider, and it can be personally enriching as well.

If you are interested in pursuing an undergraduate and/or advanced degree in hospitality, then you may be interested in this CEO World article highlighting 50 of the best hospitality and hotel management schools around the globe. A few of the most prestigious names on the list include the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, and the International Hospitality Management School Vatel.

If, on the other hand, you cannot currently pursue formal education in a degree-oriented setting, the following list of free resources from — which includes courses and lessons from institutions such as MIT — may interest you.

Stay Open to Changing Employers.

Getting a raise is all about leverage — and due to the powerful forces of inertia and uncertainty, most employees lack leverage when hoping for a pay increase from their current employer. Think about it this way: the company that is currently employing you already knows that you will work for your current salary, and they know that you would be taking on both risk and extra work if you sought to find employment elsewhere.

When negotiating salary with a new employer, on the other hand, your position is much more advantageous. Your potential employer knows that those aforementioned considerations of risk, uncertainty, and inertia and working against them — and, if they really want you as an employee, they are going to need to offer you a salary and a benefits package that is enticing enough to bring you on board.

Even if you are currently happily employed, you can still gain from keeping an open eye toward new opportunities: employers are more likely to give you a raise to retain you when they know that you have options, after all. If you are looking for interesting and well-paying opportunities in the hospitality industry, then our free UAE hotel jobs board here at We Hoteliers can be an invaluable resource.

Grow Your Professional Network

In this recent We Hoteliers blog, we discussed a few of the most important reasons why networking matters for your career, (Including, for example, professional opportunities, advice and mentorship, meeting potential business partners, and the chance to build rewarding relationships)

Though the importance of networking is generally well understood, many new professionals are at a loss when it comes to strategies for growing their network. Here are a few useful tips.

  • Be genuinely helpful. A success for someone in your network is a success for you — and, moreover, people tend to remember those who have gone out of their way to offer assistance
  • Get out there. Industry events, conventions, social gatherings, and even meetup.comare all good ways of meeting new people face to face and forming connections.
  • Use the web. LinkedIN, Quora, and industry-specific communities such as We Hoteliersall offer a chance to make contacts through the web, which can end up having important real-world effects!
  • Take names, get contact info, and follow up. Meeting successful and interesting people means nothing if you don’t work to form a relationship!

For more useful career tips for those in the hospitality industry, visit the We Hoteliers blog online today!


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