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Qatar Country Overview
30th Apr, 2018 / Articles

In the past few years, this tiny coastal nation in the Eastern Arabian Gulf has burst onto the world scene in a big way, attracting millions of immigrants and even more millions of travelers and tourists. But how much do you really know about Qatar? In this article, we will cover the basics of its history, its economy, and its attractions – and then we will discuss a few important points relevant to those who are interested in working in Qatar.


Since as far back as the Roman Empire, Qatar has been an important center of trade and commerce, made wealthy by its valuable exports. Throughout antiquity and the middle ages, these items included dye and precious pearls. In modern times, the nation has continued its economic tradition of strong exports, most notably petroleum.


Despite the nation’s history, to think that modern day Qatar is nothing but an oil center would be to underestimate the vibrant culture and economy boasted by this wealthy Eastern Peninsula state. Despite boasting a mere 300,000 native-born inhabitants, Qatar has developed a diverse economy driven not only by fuel exports, but also by tourism, travel, commerce, and much more. The country is also driven by an enormous workforce of immigrants from all around the world: for every native-born Qatari, there are roughly 7 foreign-born residents.


The diverse culture that we have mentioned is one of the main driving factor’s behind Qatar’s success as a tourist destination: in the streets it’s capital city, Doha, it is possible to find cuisine, entertainment, and cultural attractions from dozens of countries all within the span of a couple blocks. Of course, the cityscape of Doha itself is also a big crowd-drawer: the city features a futuristic skyline inspired by a sleek and modern interpretation of ancient Islamic art and architecture.

Doha has become such an international hub for travel. playing host to Qatar airlines, which links more than 150 different international destinations in six continents. This brings lots of overnight guests into town, especially thanks to Qatar airlines crowd-pleasing offer to pay for overnight stays for all guests with a layover.

Last but not least, because Doha sees so much travel, the city has made an important effort to host international conventions and events – most notably the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which is expected to bring millions of travelers and billions of dollars into the city.

Working in Qatar

As mentioned throughout the article, Qatar is a diverse country that relies upon foreign labor to drive its world-class economy. Qatar offers boundless opportunities for workers of all backgrounds, nationalities, and skill levels – and one of the most important industries for foreign labor is tourism. Hotels across the country are seeking to build talented and diverse teams of employees in order to handle the diverse influx of tourists that is expected with the coming world cup. If you are interested in taking advantage of these opportunities and living the experience of a lifetime, the we encourage you to visit today for more information!


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