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In-Demand Hospitality Jobs In The Middle East
19th Dec, 2018 / Articles

5 Most In-Demand Hotel Jobs in 2018 and Beyond

If you’re someone seeking a career in the hospitality industry in UAE, then you’re in for a treat as recent analysis reveals that the niche is continuing on an upward streak in terms of manpower demand.

From casinos and hotels to restaurants and tourism-related firms, there is practically no shortage of job opening professionals in the hospitality sector. Read on to understand more about why this is the case and what specific jobs have the highest demand for workers in the Middle East.

Why are Hospitality Jobs In-Demand?

Fresh graduates and experienced professionals in hospitality are in-demand all over the world. In fact, in the United States, the industry sees a new job opening posted every 2.5 seconds. The situation is even more jaw-dropping in the United Arab Emirates where analysts revealed that the employment rate in the sector is expected to increase by as much as 16 percent which is equivalent to more than 659,000 job openings.

To top that off, the perks, benefits, and potential earning range for this career path can be extravagant, especially for overtime, late night, and weekend work.

Speaking of working hours, hotels, travel, and other hospitality-related jobs also offer diverse and flexible working hours. This means you won’t have to stick to the traditional 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. routine if you establish a career in this sector since most companies operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Aside from these, working in the hospitality industry also offers many opportunities for multi-cultural encounters and for building up one’s skill set.

Top 5 Hotel Jobs That Pay Well

Hospitality jobs in the Middle East cover many aspects of tourism, including accommodation, tourism, food, and entertainment. Because of this, it isn’t surprising that these four areas also have the highest demand, not to mention also offer a fat paycheck.

Hotels, in particular, need a steady stream of employees— experienced ones, most especially—in order to provide services to the growing number of tourists they cater to every year.

Here are the five top hotel careers that comprise a portion of the high-paying job market and an approximation of how they make in a year:

1. Chef

The need for chefs in hotels in the MENA region is high, but the amount of money hospitality companies is willing to pay them is even higher. Take a regional chef for example—the median pay is set at nearly $134,000. Of course, this is just an approximation as chefs with different specializations have varying “values” to their employers.

2. Hotel Manager

As the person responsible for keeping a hotel in order, more skilled managers are needed in hotels in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. The salary for this job is pegged at about $98,000. Most hotel manager job posts require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and about seven years of experience in the field since they will be overseeing everything about the hotel, including operations, customer service, and staffing.

3. Food and Beverage Director

Apart from chefs, food and beverage directors are also needed in different hotels and hospitality outfits in Dubai. Professionals who are fit for the job can earn nearly $80,000 or as much as $91,714 when hired.

While the chef is responsible for preparing recipes and the food itself, the director of food and beverage is in charge of coordination, planning, and budgeting. They take care of deciding on an allotted budget for provisions for the hotel’s clients as well as planning for event catering within the hotel grounds.

Typically, this job can be filled by someone who holds at least a bachelor’s degree and a minimum of eight years of related experience.

4. Head of Housekeeping

Housekeeping is a very important aspect of operating a hotel. Because of this, heads of housekeeping are also given hefty paychecks that range from $78,000 to a little over $91,000. This particular job only requires a high school diploma, but many hotels look for someone who is highly experienced in the industry.

The head of housekeeping has her own staff to look after and should make sure that their responsibilities, which include replacing linen and other room items, making the beds, cleaning the bathrooms, and sanitizing each room, are accomplished efficiently.

5. Meeting and Events Manager

As one of the most developed cities in the MENA region, Dubai houses medium to large scale companies that require convenient and conducive venues for their events and meetings. Because of this, the city has seen a rise in demand for meeting and event managers for hotels and other firms in the hospitality sector.

This particular job can help you earn as much as $89,000, with a median salary of $78,000. That is, of course, if you meet the required bachelor’s degree and five years of experience needed to qualify for the post.

Final Thoughts

Hotels don’t hold back in offering a hefty paycheck to people with the right skill set for the job they apply for. These opportunities will continue to come in 2018 and beyond, so you should continue applying for a job until you get the perfect one for you.

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