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Hospitality Job Site Lists 5 Industry Sectors
14th Nov, 2018 / Articles

The hospitality industry is believed to be among the most important industries today.

A large percentage of startup businesses that pop up every year belong to this massive industry. On top of that, all other industries combine certain aspects of their operations with hospitality services.

That being said, it is no wonder a lot of jobseekers keep their eyes on the hospitality business landscape. They are well aware that the industry requires a diverse set of skills. Therefore, whatever may be their previous work experiences are or university education may be, it is highly likely that there is a job in hospitality that they can apply for that will be a perfect fit for them.

If you are among the countless jobseekers hoping to land a position in this ever-growing industry, We Hoteliers, the trusted hospitality job site in the Middle East, has created this comprehensive guide on the different sectors that make up the hospitality industry.

From this guide, you will be able to better determine the jobs and income-generating opportunities you can tap into.

1. Accommodation and Lodging

Luxurious hotels and resorts, charming country inns, “glampsites,” trailer parks, and Airbnb homes – all these (and more) make up the accommodation and lodging sector.

Every one of these hospitality provisions demands a myriad of skills in order to thrive. Those with training in customer service, safety and security, marketing, plumbing, building repairs, program creation, culinary arts, copywriters, interior design and decoration, have a place in this sector.

Currently, creatives are quite in demand for accommodation and lodging. Creatives are tasked to provide the competitive advantage hotels and other accommodation provisions long for.

The unique design and décor, charming details of welcome packages, enticing slogans and write-ups for services – these are just some of the creative output that never fail to impress and set businesses within the sector apart.

2. Entertainment

This sector often combines with other sectors of the hospitality industry.

Entertainment is a provision that ties in beautifully to the concept of high quality customer service in various hospitality settings such as hotels, marinas, casinos, cruises, restaurants, and bars.

Music, magic, artistic productions, games ensure delight, fun, and even relaxation for the end-users of core hospitality businesses.

People who can sing, dance, play musical instruments, act and direct, host, make others laugh, organize events, paint, and decorate can establish a lucrative career in the entertainment sector.

3. Food and Beverage

This is another vital sector of the industry because new dining and drinking establishments emerge often. You have a definite place in the food and beverage industry if you studied culinary arts, or are trained to be a barista or bartender.

But even those who have no prior training or education in food and beverage can launch a career in this sector. Servers and concierges typically receive on-the-job training or are made to take part in an internship program as long as they meet basic qualifications.

Meanwhile, non-food related job opportunities in this sector include:

  • Photography (for marketing and promotions)

  • Graphic design

  • Interior design

  • Marketing (SEO, social media experts, and content creators play a crucial role in growing a food and beverage business)

  • Service and program development

  • Entertainment (as a lot of restaurants, cafés and bistros create a more inviting ambience with entertainment)

  • Research (especially with how strong values such as health and sustainability have influenced the way people consume food and drinks)

4. Timeshares

This is a relatively new sector in the hospitality industry and you might not look upon it as an avenue of opportunity if you are hoping to land a job. However, if you want to become a business owner, timeshares are certainly worth considering.

Timeshares are a scheme that allows individuals or a group of people to own the rights to an attractive property for a certain period of time. During this said period, the “owners” can use that property as a venue for business. They can rent out the property to tourists or anybody who needs temporary accommodations.

If you have the financial means (and a good business strategy) to take part in this provision, you can enjoy a solid regular income.

5. Travel and Tourism

This sector is the mover and shaker of the industry, particularly now that people are exploring the world beyond their own neck of the woods more. Businesses focused on travel and tourism thrive when they demonstrate exceptional hospitality and customer service.

People from different professional backgrounds can find a perfect fit of a job in this sector as business operations demand a variety of expertise and skills. However, jobseekers that are trained in the following are considered shoo-ins:

  • Food service

  • Entertainment

  • Maintenance

  • Security

  • Health and sanitation

  • Program development

  • Communications and public relations

  • Engineering (as modes of travel – trains, planes, buses, and ships – require machinery specialists)

Indeed, the hospitality industry encompasses such a huge umbrella of operations.

Therefore, it demands workers of different educational backgrounds and training to keep on growing and moving forward. So, whatever course you may have completed in college, or your previous work experiences may be, you can trust that there is a job position “hole” in the hospitality industry that you can fill.

If you wish to build a career in hospitality, visit the We Hoteliers website.

We have a massive inventory of hospitality jobs in the Gulf region, and our fierce commitment is to present you the best opportunities to launch your career.



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