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6 Tips for Expats Living in Dubai
22nd May, 2018 / Articles

A hectic, sweltering melting pot of millions of people, hundreds of cultures, and dozens of languages -- all tied together by a culture economic competition and rapid growth -- Dubai can certainly feel overwhelming to its newest residents. But those who have lived here long enough tend to fall in love with the city! Filled with breathtaking architecture, dazzling lights, and endless opportunity, the “city of gold” allows virtually anyone to reinvent their lives and reinvigorate their careers. If you are considering joining Dubai’s vibrant expat scene by moving here to live and work, then the following six tips may be very useful for you:

1. Learn The Lingo. If you are reading this article, then you already have the linguistic skills needed to get by in Dubai, as English is the de facto lingua franca. However, because Arabic is the official language of the city, it does tend to come in very handy. If you can learn even a few common phrases in the gulf dialect of Arabic, the locals are sure to appreciate it!

2. Be Prepared for Culture Shock. Diverse and modern, Dubai is far more liberal than most other major cities in the region. However, expats should still expect a bit of culture shock upon arriving, as some religious laws do exist. For example, public photography is forbidden, swearing can result in a fine, and conservative clothing is a must. Public affection, physical contact with the opposite sex, and co-ed living arrangements are all big nos. Last but not least, foreigners must apply for a liquor license before beingallowed to buy and consume alcohol.

3. Drive Carefully. Because of an impressive highway system, affordable rental car options, and a relatively undeveloped public transit sector, many expats opt to drive while living and working in Dubai. If you do the same, then you may find this guide to driving laws and customs in Dubai helpful.

4. Research services carefully. Health insurance is a must in Dubai -- and finding which hospitals and doctors work with your insurance company before needing them is a good idea. Bank rules, regulations, and policies can also vary greatly, so choosing these services carefully can save you a pretty penny.

5. Take advantage of travel opportunities. Dubai lies within easy driving distance of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain -- and affordable flights are available to other local destinations such as Doha, Kuwait City, Muscat, and Riyadh. If you are not from the gulf region, then this is a unique opportunity to see some of the world's most fascinating urban centers!

6. Make the Most of It! Beautiful beaches, endless entertainment options, and a vibrant expat culture are just a few of the reasons why so many people chose to make Dubai their home. Whether you are staying for two months or two years, there is a lot to do, so be sure to take advantage of every day and make the most of your experience!


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