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6 Signs of a Great Place to Work
16th Apr, 2018 / News

The only thing worse than booking a poorly-run hotel for your family vacation? Choosing a poorly-run hotel as your place of employment! If you work in the hospitality industry and are currently looking for a job, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of each potential employer. Sometimes, a good job is about more than just a good salary, after all! Here are six common signs of a good place to work:

1. Values. Altruistic mission statements are a dime a dozen -- but companies that actually turn these visions into reality are pretty rare. Those that do are oftentimes easy to identify, however. If the hotel business model seems focused on squeezing every last penny out of guests while providing a bare minimum of value, for example, it's probably safe to say that they treat their employees in a similar fashion. Hotels that strive to offer a welcoming vibe, genuine value, and a chance to connect with the local community, on the other hand, are likely good employers.

2. Mentorship. A company management structure that seems more like a mentorship program than a medieval hierarchy is a good sign -- even though, sadly, the latter seems much more common than the former. To put it frankly, if your future boss seems like a jerk, you probably aren't going to thrive in this position! If your future boss appears genuinely interested in your growth and success, on the other hand, then this job could be a launching board for your career.

3. Excellence. Companies that bring out the best in their employees tend to function smoothly and promote career growth. A hotel that demands excellence from each and every employee -- from the lowest to the highest -- might seem intimidating to prospective employees but is probably a smart choice for your future.

4. Communication. Some workplaces promote open, constructive communication. Others foster a toxic environment where communication is discouraged and gossip thrives. The difference between the two can often be identified almost instantaneously, so be sure to pay attention when coming in for an interview.

5. Health. Companies that care about their workers promote the well-being of their employees. Offering health insurance as part of the benefits package is one of the most clear-cut manners of doing this -- but it is not the only way. Employee fitness initiatives, smoking-cessation programs, and free gym memberships are all good examples of how an organization can foster employee health!

6. Low Turnover. Most employers aren't going to present you with employee turnover statistics upon beginning an interview. But some will mention something along the lines of “needing to fill a vacancy quickly.” If you suspect that a potential employer suffers from high employee turnover, you may wish to take a moment and ask yourself why, exactly, so many employees choosing to hit the road.

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