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5 Ways to Get Promoted Faster in the Hospitality Industry 
10th Apr, 2018 / Articles

We’d all love a promotion, but in today’s highly competitive job market, good things don’t come to those who wait. The best way to advance in your career is to be proactive. In this article, we will show you a few failsafe ways of doing just that.

  1. Go the extra mile. Working overtime might not be your idea of a great weekend -- but it is a great way to show your superiors that you are capable of handling the increased responsibility that a promotion could entail. (Even in the short term, the extra money that comes with extra hours can be nice, so there’s that!) Managers in the hospitality industry are frequently required to work overtime anyway, especially during weekends and holidays, so proving your willingness to handle these hectic schedules will put you in a solid position for promotions, especially when compared to your other workmates who probably prefer downtime anyways!
  2. Be willing to travel. Not everyone is open to the idea of traveling for work -- but for those who enjoy seeing new places, visiting new cultures, and soaking in all the experiences that living in a different city or country can offer, expressing your willingness to work in different environments is a fantastic way to stand out from the crowd. Even if your current employer doesn’t offer opportunities for work in other locations, you may wish to visit international job boards from time to time in order to see what types of opportunities exist: you may just find the job you’ve been waiting for all this time is actually waiting for you!
  3. Get on good terms with your boss. It should go without saying that this means working hard and showing up with a great attitude on even the toughest of days. However, it is also worth pointing out that cultivating a good relationship with your boss isn’t always strictly about work. For better or for worse, people tend to trust and promote their friends more frequently than their acquaintances. The better you get to know your boss (and any superior), the better.
  4. Create a good image for yourself. As you climb the ladder, sooner or later you will have an opportunity for a promotion that will be decided by someone who doesn’t know you well on a personal level. That’s why cultivating a positive image around yourself is crucial. Being present at work functions, always dressing professionally, and taking care of your social media accounts are all good ways of doing this.
  5. Pursue Education Relentlessly. Learning new skills will open many doors for you -- which is why, whether it’s a university level education with one of the world’s top hospitality colleges or a locally offered class on French cuisine, you should jump at every learning opportunity that presents itself to you.

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